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You and me, You and I :iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 8 0
A Blue Box Flying Through Space by Im-da-moon A Blue Box Flying Through Space :iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 33 1
Fic: Pewdiepie's Amnesia Nightmare (CH1)
He gripped the chair’s sides and breathed deeply, giggly slightly as the screen loaded. Oh god…! Another fucking night of this scary shit. Felix seemed content whilst reading the loading screen, his eyes lit brightly by the computer screen. The music began and he moved the microphone closer to his mouth. Hi bros! My name is, Pewdiepie! And soon his engagement with the game had begun.
Okay, this doorway will lead me to the answ- ahhhhhh!
Don’t Stephano, no! You left me, why would you leave me?
He snorted, and continued playing; this section did not seem to be that scary and proceeding was not too hard. The music screeched in his ears, and an enemy lurked near by, fuck, fuck, fuck! No! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo- And suddenly he was struck down. Man, that didn’t turn out very well did it? He laughed loudly and leaned in closer to the screen to read the message that would appear.
You shouldn’t have tur
:iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 7 2
Suits: Harvey Specter - Is Perfect #4 by Im-da-moon Suits: Harvey Specter - Is Perfect #4 :iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 14 0 Suits: Harvey Specter - Is Perfect #3 by Im-da-moon Suits: Harvey Specter - Is Perfect #3 :iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 16 1 Suits: Harvey Specter - Is Perfect #2 by Im-da-moon Suits: Harvey Specter - Is Perfect #2 :iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 9 0 Suits: Harvey Specter - Is Perfect #1 by Im-da-moon Suits: Harvey Specter - Is Perfect #1 :iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 19 2
Mature content
Silent Glory - Loki/Thor (NC17) Thorki :iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 123 56
Mature content
Fic: Hallucinate Me Alive - JohnxSherlock :iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 32 27
David Tennant - Benedict Cumberbatch Manip by Im-da-moon
Mature content
David Tennant - Benedict Cumberbatch Manip :iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 41 28
Crossover:Mind of a TimeLord- 2
The Doctor's eyes spoke to him more than his words did and Sherlock felt every inch of his body melt- traveling, through all of time and space; he may never be bored again. The Doctor could see his thoughts clearly, and Sherlock questioned what abilities that he may exhibit as a time lord; could he read his mind? Images of John suddenly flashed through his own, of Lestrad grasping him and screaming- they would all be in panic now; there could be search groups out looking for him; what a waste of tax payers money. John would have left Sarah mid dinner, rushing out in the cold and rain to find him; he would search for days- weeks if he had to, and Sherlock knew he would never give up. His heart began to pain thinking of John, could he leave him so easily? London and the world he knew inside out, John wouldn't be able to pay the rent on his own- he would be forced to move into a share house and then…
Sherlock realised that his breath had become very loud, his eyes darting around whil
:iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 22 9
Crossover:Mind of a TimeLord- 1
It was stormy, there would be many lightning strikes tonight; Sherlock ran. The wide open meadow would be directly hit by the lighting, and shelter was miles away. The unanticipated had occurred and suddenly his stomach began to churn; a fleeting image passed through his mind and the smell of chlorine ran past his nose. The emotion of rushing and shock; shock was not a feeling he'd become accustomed to, the knowledge that he had not known and a great fear of the unknown. Watson walking out and looking at him, his eyes filled with something he could not interpret and within that moment he lost of sense of reality; his reality was his deduction, knowing and understanding the grounded and anticipated truth- he'd lost that within a moment when Watson walked out. He'd soon regained it, understanding that he'd been tricked momentarily, but the feeling lingered, insecurity and slight defeat; not knowing the truth.
His black curls were flat against his head and his chest heaved; their plan had
:iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 28 12
Stormy Night. Richard-Douglas
The thunder outside shook Richard's body; nature was not so reassuring tonight. He twisted his head to the clock and was once again reminded of how little sleep he would have before tomorrow lecture; the air was thick with a lethargic atmosphere, and in that moment he could care less about the moral questions raised by genetic mutations in frogs as he was engulfed in a sense of pointlessness. Richard knew this was not him thinking, if was not him feeling these feelings; the emotion of pointlessness. It was only on these dark stormy nights, when a man could not know the difference between his logic and imagination that this emotion fell from the sky like a misty cloud suffocating him, whilst he drifted away from a sense of reality. His chest heaved and memories sored through his mind, oh Douglas!
It had been five years, five years and counting. Richard was not disillusioned by death, he was not confronted by the physicality of it, by the emotion of loss. The image of his friend's body,
:iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 2 6
Mature content
Connected-Doctor x Master Fic :iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 57 31
LISTEN TO YOUR MASTER- GIF by Im-da-moon LISTEN TO YOUR MASTER- GIF :iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 136 47 The Doctor watches Sherlock by Im-da-moon The Doctor watches Sherlock :iconim-da-moon:Im-da-moon 130 39


Thrill ch1 p16 by Neneko-x0x0 Thrill ch1 p16 :iconneneko-x0x0:Neneko-x0x0 14 2 Future Twilight Sparkle Icon by PechaScarfRider Future Twilight Sparkle Icon :iconpechascarfrider:PechaScarfRider 70 4 Twilight Sparkle Happy Icon Gif by BlueDragonHans Twilight Sparkle Happy Icon Gif :iconbluedragonhans:BlueDragonHans 239 53 MLP icon - Rainbow Dash by Umberoff MLP icon - Rainbow Dash :iconumberoff:Umberoff 3,041 120 MLP icon - Fluttershy by Umberoff MLP icon - Fluttershy :iconumberoff:Umberoff 2,098 72 page14 by Neneko-x0x0
Mature content
page14 :iconneneko-x0x0:Neneko-x0x0 25 1
thrill ch1 p12 by Neneko-x0x0 thrill ch1 p12 :iconneneko-x0x0:Neneko-x0x0 17 3 Jim and Dimitri - Give me a Kiss by Madam-Lulu Jim and Dimitri - Give me a Kiss :iconmadam-lulu:Madam-Lulu 147 149 thrill ch1 p9 by Neneko-x0x0 thrill ch1 p9 :iconneneko-x0x0:Neneko-x0x0 23 7 thrill ch1 p8 by Neneko-x0x0 thrill ch1 p8 :iconneneko-x0x0:Neneko-x0x0 20 7 thrill ch1 p4 by Neneko-x0x0 thrill ch1 p4 :iconneneko-x0x0:Neneko-x0x0 31 4 Thrill ch1 p1 by Neneko-x0x0 Thrill ch1 p1 :iconneneko-x0x0:Neneko-x0x0 37 5 Page2 by Neneko-x0x0 Page2 :iconneneko-x0x0:Neneko-x0x0 28 1 Custom Fluttershy plushie w dress by Epicrainbowcrafts Custom Fluttershy plushie w dress :iconepicrainbowcrafts:Epicrainbowcrafts 473 59 Lara Croft by JennieOo Lara Croft :iconjennieoo:JennieOo 187 27




Artist | Student | Varied
I adore many tv shows, films, books and games. If I want a better understanding of my world I suggest checking out my tumblr blog :) it will keep you up to date. But I will always love my DA. I love stand up comedy, my favourite comedy duo Lano & Woodley. I wish to have a pet chicken some time soon, I am 20 now (2014) and live in Australia. "The imagination may take us to places that never where, but without it we go nowhere." - Carl Sagan :la:

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MusicJam Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! <3
NaomiHansen Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh. Forgot you had a DA. :O

crow821 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
Thanks for the watch! :D
jht888 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
Hiya, I've just seen your video to you watching the finale of Hannibal season 1 (I'm still on part '6' I think), it was amazing and it put a smile on my face. I have painted Will and Hannibal already, so I am wondering in your opinion (as you are a very keen fan) who is the best to paint next. It was between Dr Alana Bloom and Beverly Katz :happybounce:
Im-da-moon Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Man thank you so much for taking the time to watch my silly reaction video XD I appreciate it! Hope it made you laugh (and share the tears) with someone else :huggle: I personally LOVE Dr Alana Bloom so I'd adore to see a painting of her BUT Beverly Katz is brillant as well, I really like her character. I think that either one of them is a perfect idea; I give a vote for each (if that helps) :P :P :)
jht888 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
Thanks so much for your opinion as I was leaning towards Dr Bloom but will probably end up doing most of the cast as I have done with Merlin. Thank you ever so much for your comments on some of my work :squee:, you don't hold anything back do you? :giggle:
So as soon as I have finished Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, I'll do a lovely painting of Dr Bloom. Thanks for the Watch also :blush:
ibahibut Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Hello! And Welcome to the Hannibal-Nbc Fanclub!

Hope you have a good stay here. And we will be looking forward for any of your contribution! Please read our rules and guidelines. Thanks!

Enjoy the dinner...


Im-da-moon Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Student General Artist
No problem ;) :mew:
caramelock Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
thx for the watch!! I haven't drawn for quite a long time, haha
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